Expand their product offering.
Become a one-stop-shop

Increase sales, and customer satisfaction
Compete with larger retailers
No IT integration or training required

Why Thunder Wallet?

  • Top-up prepaid cellphones
  • Pay utility bills and loans
  • Pre-pay toll roads
  • Gift card for other stores

Our Product

Thunder Wallet allows for clients to pay with cash, debit and credit cards to buy prepaid services for phone talk and data.

For Prepaid Service Providers

Does it make sense to launch a platform that facilitates electronic payments? The answer is YES!  Let us show you why, and how.

  • More than 33 million people in the U.S. are unbankable
  • Most of the unbankable spend 10-15 percent of their paychecks to Fintechs for these services
  • 80 percent of their transactions are cash-based
  • A cash-based and very fragmented market that can become a profit center with our solution

For Users

Prepaid Services

Increase business with retailers

Provide services to the unbanked

Expand footprint and value proposition for payment devices.

Increase money in circulationType your paragraph here.

Benefits of our System

Expand their distribution network
Higher sales volume
Higher customer satisfaction and retention

For Small Retailers

  •  Our concept was successful and in high-demand in Panama
  •  We have the expertise and connections  to establish a dominant position in the market
  •  Best-in-class software and hardware solutions in the industry

An end-to-end platform aimed at small retailers that allows their customers to pay for non-tangible services along with their regular purchases. 

Easily add funds to the wallet to pay for prepaid phone services by visiting any of the 150,000 locations nationwide, which includes retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Dollar General.


Current System Challenges

Does not require a bank account
Can pay their bills and top-up their cellphone with cash or cards
Single purchase at the convenience store for all their needs (groceries, bills, cellphone, Uber, etc..)