ROKiT is a global conglomerate and start-up incubator. ROKiT has a diverse portfolio of innovative tech, premium products, and services including mobile phones, WiFi services, beverages, pioneering 3D content production, product development, and distribution in movies and music. Learn more.


Rolling Thunder

Bluegrace Holdings is a group of companies built on the commonly held principles of professional expertise, the utmost integrity and the creation of real value in both  business and in society. Through our divisions and with our strategic partnerships, we are active in a very large assortment of business endeavors. The common thread in each of these business ventures is a commitment to excellence. Learn more.

Implexum creates and provides superior technologies for the entire world, accelerating the world’s transition to highly efficient quantum communications. Implexum developed and has a patent on Quantum communications and Point-to-point encryption that further protects general commerce and the payment industry from hacking and criminal activities. For more information about Implexum, visit