Implementing Thunder Wallet

  • Unattended payments allows for after-hours payments
  • Payment kiosks can be installed anywhere indoors
  • Smaller retail footprint
  • Mitigate risk of cash on hand
  • Lower theft rates
  • Reduce wait times
  • Implement for local municipality offices where government services are rendered and requires collection of fees such as –
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (renewals and vehicle registration)
  • Electronic tolling services
  • Department of Finance (taxes and traffic tickets)
  • Office of County Clerk (violations, court fees)

Improve Service for Consumers

  • Flexible payment options
  • Reduced wait time
  • Extend payment hours for government entities
  • Easily make payment with cash, debit or credit card

Government Payment Services

Benefits for Government Offices

The Thunder Wallet solution extends the ability to accept cash in a secure fashion and provides an unattended solution with a smaller retail footprint and can lower wait times.
For local municipalities and utility companies, accepting payments has historically been limited by the number of locations and staffing hours. Consumer preference for conducting transactions in a retail location comes with the additional cost of staffing, retail space and cash management, which can lower profit margins. For those consumers that prefer to pay in cash, or are unbanked, their ability to pay is limited to location hours which may result in a loss wages for the consumer.

Install the Thunder Wallet solution in the local municipality premises to shorten lines. Paperwork can be completed by the staff and payment made at the kiosks, leaving staff to move to the next consumer.

Alternatively, for those actions that do not require manual intervention a kiosk can be set up in a local retailer for payments.

Delivering a Better Solution for Government Offices and the Public

Improving Efficiency, Safety and Productivity