Thunder Wallet allows for employees to pay with cash, debit and credit cards to load funds into the wallet that allows access to transfer money to 200 + countries and for use at retailers nationwide and overseas.

Thunder Wallet is an all-in-one platform for employers, immigrants, international students and more than 35 million+  citizens who have a limited or no bank account. It’s fast, simple and secure

Employees can establish direct deposit to easily pay bills using the Thunder Wallet app.

Employees have account setting options similar to a typical bank account.

  • Easily enable person-to-person or person to business money transfer at a lower cost
  • International and domestic fund transfers to more than 200 countries
  • Increase money in circulation
  • Provide an electronic payment solution for the unbanked and underbanked

•   Better and more cost-effective payroll platform

•  Lower costs compared to check cashing for employees

•   Ability to transfer funds to 200+ countries

•   Make recurring bill payments


•   Pay for prepaid phone services

•   Solution provides 150,000 reloadable points through the Green Dot network

•  Withdraw funds from in-network and out-of-network ATMs

Pay Bills

Thunder Wallet's Employer Platform

How Thunder Wallet Can Help

  • Enable Direct Deposit
  • ACH into Account
  • Card-to-card transfer
  • Transfer money from closed-loop account
  • Utilize Kiosk at Authorized Locations

Virtual Wallet and Prepaid Reloadable Card for Employees

Transfer Money

Pay for Prepaid Phone Services

Account Settings

Thunder Wallet for Cash Heavy Retailers

It's never been easier to pay for prepaid phone services by simply adding funds to the wallet at any of the 150,000 Green Dot locations.

Thunder Wallet is a reloadable prepaid card and wallet that provides employers with a platform to handle payroll via direct deposit in addition to providing their employees with additional financial services. Those who are underbanked, unbanked and or choose not to have a bank account can pay bills, transfer money to 200+ countries and make purchases at any retailer that accepts a major credit card nationwide or overseas using the Thunder Wallet virtual wallet and card.

Employees can easily load funds by using one of the 150,000 Green Dot locations nationwide that includes retailers like CVS, Dollar General , Wal-Mart, Kroger, Walgreens and 7-Eleven.

No credit check is required! U.S. citizens and immigrants can easily download the app and in less than 5 minutes they are immediately approved for a prepaid reloadable card and wallet.

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