Virtual Financial Services

Thunder Wallet is the only all-in-one platform for employers, immigrants, international students and more than 35 million+  citizens who have a limited or no bank account. It’s fast, simple and secure. There is no other wallet and prepaid reloadable card that gives consumers an easy way to manage money with no credit check!

  • Most of the unbankable spend 10-15 percent of their paychecks to Fintechs for these services
  • 80 percent of their transactions are cash-based
  • A cash-based and very fragmented market that can become a profit center with our solution

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For Consumers

For Employers

Thunder Wallet provides employers with a platform to handle payroll via direct deposit in addition to providing their employees with additional financial services.

• Make Payroll Easy and Cost-effective

• Increase Employee Benefits with Thunder Wallet

Thunder Wallet is an easy way for consumers to manage money, allowing for money transfers to 200+ countries, online bill pay and purchases at any retailer that accepts a major credit card nationwide or overseas using the Thunder Wallet virtual wallet and card.

• Use at any retailer where a major credit card is accepted
• Purchase prepaid phone services
• Pay bills
• Transfer funds to more than 200 countries

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