Governmental organizations face significant challenges in the payments industry. EMV certifications, PCI compliance and protecting card data security is enough to keep heads spinning, but what’s more, high costs and evolving technology, make payments expensive, time-consuming and complicated. Rolling Thunder's EMV Payment and Cloud Solutions provides an enterprise-level, simplified system at a cost-effective price.

Cloud Solutions allows for synchronization of online and front-line sales, eliminating inventory nightmares and immediately providing access to sales data and analytics. Real-time sales/ledger reconciliation means no more waiting around!

Organizations benefit from direct connections to processors/banks for transactions and settlements while cloud capture is used for non-PCI data to deliver Cloud Solutions.

How we can HELP

  • Simple API for integration
  • Services stack allows for flexibility
  • Low-cost monthly subscription includes payment hardware, transaction processing, technical support and 24/7 help desk
  • Raise the level of technical support with industry-trained, on-shore professionals
  • Cloud-based architecture enables the addition of payments and value-added services without impacting processor certifications and eliminating the pain points

Mike E. Meringer leads Rolling Thunder's payment and cloud solutions. He is a seasoned sales and business development professional having spent the past two decades in and around Transportation and Payments.  His network spans from Boston to Oahu, successfully introducing new and emerging payment technologies to U.S. Transit agencies. 

Meringer has worked with the largest agencies to some of the smallest, understanding pain points and providing/designing solutions.  He understands the various nuances of working in Transit and Federally funded Government contracts.  

Payment Solutions

Cloud-based Semi-integrated Solutions