Enterprise Stress Management Training

We provide an extensive catalog of Leadership, Organizational Stress Management and Lean Six Sigma Courses to organizations to enhance their educational needs.

Our assessment tools further analyze the impact of the education that is provided to ensure successful implementation of knowledge gained.

We have trained, mentored, and executed this concept with some of the best in class organization in a variety of fields including Finance, Government, Healthcare, Technology, IT and others.


We provide Cost Management services that help companies operate more efficiently and achieve their full profitability potential. In our approach we use Cost Reduction Analytics (CRA), a proprietary system for reducing costs and expenses without risk of disruption to normal operations. CRA has earned its reputation by consistently producing substantial and measurable cost savings without focusing on reductions in headcount.

As a demonstration of our confidence in this service area, we often link our fees to a percentage of the savings that we help our clients achieve. We believe this structure properly aligns mutual interests and assures we achieve success or we don’t get paid.

Cost Management


We focus on the following interactions with our clients:

  • Analysis of current state of affairs and capability (Scoping)
  • Strategy alignment and Reengineering focus
  • Systems approach to Integration of Service and Product development process
  • Change Leadership – paradigm, culture, and metrics for the whole organization

We help organizations, both government and private, create a culture of awareness and action on managing stress. Organizations have a responsibility in making sure there is presence of "healthy stress" within its culture of competitiveness. Stress should be looked upon not only with respect to the impact on worker productivity but also workforce health. We help organization evaluate the principles of stress and help develop programs to create a culture of recognition of "good" and "bad" stress.

Our enterprise stress management training also includes workshop on transparency and the role of trust and integrity in successful organizations with a leading edge on diversity/inclusion, transgender, and women in combat. We emphasize responsibility and accountability issues of both organizations and individuals in making an organization.

Like an athlete, a company operates at its peak when it is lean and focused.

Training Catalog