Introduction to Project Management  - $295

Project Management is both a science and an art of  optimizing people, process and technology. It requires a  team effort and an equally committed Project Manager to  bring it all together to satisfy the customer from a scope,  schedule, quality, cost, risk and communications perspective.  There are multiple methodologies to run projects from the  traditional waterfall methodology to the current in demand  Agile methodology.

This course will allow participants understand the fundamentals of Project Management, the  difference in handling projects versus operations, the building  of high performance teams, and the implication of value  stream mapping of processes to make projects successful in  any organization. It is a must course for any one interested in  the field of project management.

Six Sigma Green Belt - $595 (16 PDUs)

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training is an important step in mastering the field of Six Sigma, with a goal of achieving a Black Belt

The Six Sigma Lean Certification Credential:

The Six Sigma Lean Certification is a must for any professional in a management position concerned with productivity, quality and excellence of any product or service they deliver.  The Six Sigma Lean certification is the first step in achieving the prestigious Six Sigma Black Belt Certification which establishes an individual as the authority on implementation of quality measures.  The Six Sigma Lean certification is designed for professional who want to start work with the DMAIC methodology and implement Six Sigma steps within an organization.  The Six Sigma Lean Certification goes hand in hand with other certifications such as PMP® and RMP® offered by PMI. 

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Agile (PMI-ACP) Certification - $595

(25 PDUs)

The Agile PMI-ACP certification training provides the complete requirements for the participant to complete PMI-ACP exam requirements

The Agile PMI-ACP certification training course provides the participant a comprehensive understanding of Agile Principles, Agile Methodology, Agile Tools and Techniques and various Agile approaches.  The complete course is broken down into modules which lays out the foundation of Agile, followed by an understanding of the differences between traditional (SDLC) methodology and Agile.  The course also covers Agile estimation techniques, team dynamics, Agile Leadership principles, Visual methods of information display and role of ethics in Agile.

PMP Certification Training - $995 (35 PDUs)

The PMP Certification training meets the 35 PDU requirement required by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to appear for the exam

 The PMI-PMP® Credential:
The PMP® credential is one of the top three certifications in terms of its value, prestige, and rewards within the project management and systems engineering area.  Over the past five years the PMP® certification demand has skyrocketed with Industries and Government agencies both considering it almost a de-facto standard for project managers.  The Project Management Institute (PMI) has established the significance of the PMP® certification worldwide thereby fueling the demands of PMP on a global scale.

The Advantages of a PMI- PMP® Credential:
The PMI-PMP® certification provides a best practice for project managers to run their projects in the most efficient way.  Through a framework of 49 processes and Ten knowledge areas the PMBOK establishes a no-nonsense way of handling every aspect of a project from Initiation through Closing.  The 49 processes are all integrated such that all aspects of a project undertaking are documented, followed, executed, supervised, controlled and archived to capture success and failures and provide the base for continuous improvement.

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Six Sigma Black Belt - $995 (45 PDUs)

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is one of the highly sought after certifications which is focused on several aspects of Leadership

Course Overview:
This course will help students, business leaders, project managers and anyone  working or living in a global environment to gain the one of the most coveted Six

Sigma Black Belt Certification. A Six Sigma Black belt demonstrates a high level understanding of Six

Sigma  along  with the ability  to  help  organizations save over a million dollars a year in savings by  reducing the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).


  • Articulate the rationale for becoming a Black Belt
  • Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of a Black Belt
  • List the stages of the process for achieving Black Belt Certification
  • Demonstrate the understanding of Financial Metrics – ROI, IRR, COPQ, NPV, Payback
  • Demonstrate the integration of Six Sigma to Project Management
  • Develop a High Performance Team
  • Create a Pareto Priority Index Chart
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform Stakeholder Analysis
  • Develop a long term strategy for organization wide process improvement
  • Explore the different variations to Six Sigma

Six Sigma Yellow Belt - $295 (16 PDUs)

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification training is the first step in understanding the fundamentals and principles of Six Sigma

Course Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, you will be able to:

1.  Implement the seven basic tools of Quality

2.  Differentiate between Discrete and Continuous Data

3.  Understand the components of DMAIC methodology

4.  Learn how to collect and analyze data

5.  Understand the different roles within the Lean Six Sigma Implementations