Enterprise Stress Management

A Workshop on Defining Positive Stress


Enterprise Stress Management as it relates to individuals and groups is an integral part of productivity at any institution.  While a lot of efforts circle around resolving stress in a reactionary format it is imperative we generate a culture of openness and transparency that eliminates the need to constantly modify the ground rules as they apply to ethics, integrity and social consciousness.
This course will discuss the Seven Key Principles of Stress Management as it applies to the modern day workforce with the Leadership in mind.  Managing stress not only involves a change in behavior and attitude but involves a cultural change in how we see working with each other effectively.  As technology makes lightning progress and “big data” being applied everywhere transparency will become evident and the earlier we understand the implications of collaborative and high performance teams the better our options are long term.

One Day Workshops

Workshop Details

Bank of America building Downtown Jacksonville

50 North Laura Street, 22nd Floor
Thursday, October 18
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Cost: $495 Per Person

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Stress as it relates to self and environments
  • Describe the root causes of Stressful environments
  • Describe organizational cultures
  • Define Transparency as it relates to organizational culture
  • Identify their own strengths in responding to stress
  • Identify the role of communications in dealing with stress
  • Differentiate between positive and negative stress
  • Define the Seven principles of Stress Management
  • Apply the seven principles of Stress Management to real life situations
  • Perform SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) Analysis
  • Identify the elements of stress leading to loss productivity
  • Identify a plan for a stress free environment